Saturday, 5 June 2010

Give me the bright lights all nights

Cardigan - H&M for men; shorts - H&M; accesoires - H&M, Six, Primark

Hi guys!
So didn't you all LOVE the Dutch weather today? I went shopping, but only bought this cardigan. I know it's a very winter cardigan, but it was in sale and I like it so much!
Didn't buy more though, because we're all saving for Barcelona. In a little more than a month we're going to Barcelona!! Which means shopping, spotting stylish people, partying, tanning and just being in the best city! I'm so excited!
Have a good weekend, xoxox Daniƫlle


  1. What a cute cardigan! I wish I could travel to Barcelona! It's a beautiful city!! xoxoxoxo

  2. love your posts dear! and your H&M accessories are rockin! =)